Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekly Rant: Midget Wrestling Circus{4/11/2010}
The mess that has been midget wrestling has finally come to a halt this week. We began screwing with these people a month ago. Let's take ya threw it, a few months ago. Tim Dixon and The Blue Goat came up with the idea of having a midget wrestling group come into the Goat here in Salina and do a show. Tim came to me and came up with the idea for me to do a match with the midgets. The match would be all entertainment and it would be worked match. I had some ideas to make this match even cooler and maybe even sell this place out. Tim told me to contact the promoters. I did and wow do these people have no vision what so ever.

The idea itself was to bring in Midget wrestlers and do a show. Several years ago when Kevin Hardison was booking the Goat, I mentioned to him of having a local metal band and play while the midgets did their thing. Kevin told me it would not work and would not sell. I saw what happened when the Bloody midgets{the most talked about group and mainstream group in the world} did their show in Hoisington Kansas and they made tons of money on gate and made tons of new fans. I knew it would work, I talked to Tim Dixon off and on about the idea. He finally got the go ahead and got this thing rolling. So I thought, WOW we were off and running but I thought I needed to help boost some ticket sales on this thing.

My ideas to boost this idea of making Midgets HUGE in Salina. 1st off make it like Box-A-Buddy was a few years ago. Bring in a local rapper or someone who could perform the entrance music for me or the midgets. This brings in their crowd to see the performer and they can help drive ticket sales. Plus they do it as a free promotion deal, costs ya nothing. Second idea was to put me in a match, 1st off it's all worked and choreographed So you can have a good thought out wrestling match which draws people in and draws money. It gives the Midgets a chance to play the good guy and a local guy like me and be the bad guy. Plus you can have me or the midgets or both go around and do radio and local TV segments and boost ticket sales while drumming up fans to come see the local guy get his ass kicked. Plus from all my years in media and all, I had sold a lot of tickets on the fact people were coming to see me get my ass kicked Hell my own wife and her family would pay to come see this.

I talked with the tour manager and I knew this would not go well, after I found out after talking to him for 30 minutes. Hell he did not know they were even booked for Salina Kansas and they did not know that they did shows on Thursdays. Second, he did not know anything about being booked at The goat. Then he pretty much told me, he is not interested in making any extra money or using anyone to help promote them. They only cared about coming in and setting up the ring and whatever money they could make is what they were concerned with. He also told me he could care less if the venue made money on the show or not.

I spoke with the head lady with the midget wrestling, she did not really want to do much promotion and did not really want to talk this over. She told me to send her an e-mail, which I did and then she blew me off. Friday I called her and she pretty much told me, she could care less about money with the show. She did not need any extra help with promotion and just wanted to get in and get out. I thought, wow great commitment to the cause.

Finally my take on this mess, this could have been a sold out, huge event and could be a media must see and now this thing is a must miss. I think the Goat will make money on the show. They have sold a lot of tickets on the fact that I will be there. However I hope these midgets put on a good show. Let's hope that next time the Goat does midgets they go out and get the Bloody midgets and bring them in and get a good show. If you have tickets, still go and support the show. Get tickets if you have not done so and go support the Goat, but don't go to support these pieces of shit who are so uncreative and do not care to be creative who mange these midget wrestlers.

Jiggy Jaguar

This column was written the other day and there is a UPDATE...Apparently the plan is I am just supposed to show up at the Goat on the day of the show and Tim and the crew are gonna just work me "In" to the show. So now I am totally the day i got married to Jamie!

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