Monday, January 31, 2011

Son of a bitch...Did i just see Powerlifter in a Computer commerical on my damn TV!...HOLY CRAP!
Does anyone know where I can a cheap terrabyte harddrive. I am slowly running out of space.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Radio show today, & lookin FWD to getting videos ready on Monday. 2011 Rumble was GR8 tonight w/ Del Rio winning the WHOLE SHAbang!
YES...Alberto Del RIO wins it...Thank god, and now we can all forget about him getting KO'd by Cro Cop in Pride a few years back!
Damn Vince is just setting up all this young talent for failure! I bet none of the Vets get under 15...DAMN I feel bad for Mistico who just got signed to a deal, stay in CMLL! to all my wrestling pals, the PPV tonight, LIVE and free now click the link and enjoy!
Listen to the Radio show LIVE at 2pm cnt/3pm Est at

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just got done talking with a hell of a smart guy,wow 2012 is looking great. In The words of WickedWayz let's get it!
Lining up guests & talking to bookers for Feb & beyond, good stuff coming. Thankx for the support for 19 years doing the damn thing!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Someone explain to me what this Amazon's cloud thing is, someone told me its free but i dought it. Nothing is free LOL
Get a chance checkout our interview this morning for the EXPERIENCE w/ Shannon Rose
had an interesting Evening last night, & did alot of networking and got some postive and exciting stuff coming with some other sites coming
Just hung out tonight with the smartest man i know and a marketing genius to boot.

Sunday, January 23, 2011 THE BREAKPOINT METHOD & Jiggy at THE MUSE BALLROOM in Salina, KS 01/22/11
HEMLOCK & Jiggy at THE MUSE BALLROOM in Salina, KS 01/22/11 BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA & Jiggy at THE MUSE BALLROOM in Salina, KS 01/22/11 BART CROW & Jiggy at THE MUSE BALLROOM in Salina, KS 01/21/11
SHOTGUN SONS & Jiggy at THE MUSE BALLROOM in Salina, KS 01/21/11
Live T-girls now on NOW LIVE on SKYPE video!
Watch midget porn stars on NOW!
BRN bammies, Head over to it was disappointing, we nearly won best show! The results are in kiddos!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Watching ashes of the Armada at McGraws in Hutchinson
On the way to the salt city for McGraws and metal
I am loving the brand new title of "Social Media Journalist". Gotta work this in more to everything. COME ON..COME ON!
Like I said like I said like I said

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jiggy Jag TV #269-Staci Grim

Jiggy Jag TV #269

Staci Grim




Please leave a message
Okay Tom hardy is bane in the Batman movie? Excuse me how big is that clown. What they could find anyone any bigger? Should put jay Cutler in the role
I love American dad just cause of the alien who sounds like paul Lynde lol

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting ready to get into another media partnership with another media Entity. HERE WE GO GO GO! Check this out The Samuel Band from our 1st Remote here in Salina Ks.
Just heard from someone, I figured I would NEVER hear from, LOL I guess i am still in the game, I believe the term is SINK the PINK? ha ha
This weekend The Big Dumb Fun Show will be on The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show Sunday, WOW, what a weird world we live in, will they put me over?
I saw the spoilers for Smackdown on Friday Night, why is it The Smackdown Nexus is named after the Ab Region?
Okay,it's official:no move to Wichita Ks. So I guess Salina has me to kick around a little longer. Some what dissatisfying after we were given the job then it was taken back.
Austin Ruse
Robert Peters from MIM
"Chaps" back on the program
John Bell
William Murray
Author Jack Nadel on the program
I have given up on getting the job, Now I am just going to be annoying to this clown till he talks to me on the phone & tells me why he did not wanna hire me, after he pretty much gave me the job before Christmas.


Please vote and vote often!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We love it just got ross another Vegas interview with a second dom. Getting the Job done. Did you vote for Us as worst show yet at
Rumor has it Sunday we may be join d by member or members of the big dumb fun show in studio On the bigg show known as the jiggyjaguar show.
Checkout our LATEST interview w/ Dear Departed from Salina Kansas MUSE Ballroom

Monday, January 17, 2011

Checking this currently on Jiggy Jaguar Online Adult Film Star Interviews
Hard to put on a positive face when I am dealing with the news I got today.


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great shows this weekend in Kansas who says we don't get it in!
LIVE now at CHECK it out Psychic Cynthia. and KMA Photographers LIVE NOW!
Shout out to the sinful sisters from bacon Rock for helping us interview taproot &btbs tonight in Salina.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to Salina for signum ad, btbs,taproot and dear departed at the Muse
sound check
old opera house in McPherson
Jiggyjaguar to the rescue
Tickets still available for taproot in salina tonight with btbs and signum & dear departed live at the Muse
sound check at mac opera house
brick face at club eve in jc
Quick q would anyone have an interest in seeing kotton mouth king's or anyone from The band live in salina ks?
Saturday is getting off an running
Big Thanks 2 every1 who follows us on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/etc. I really do appreciate it & thankx 4 the support, 2011, we gettin it IN!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Back to Salina just talked to a a world famous harp player who knew me cause she follows me on twitter. Love it
Well...We have a spy in our camp?

Thursday, January 13, 2011 Checkout the WEAZ'S NEW VIDEO O's here in 20 minutes i will be on cotolo chronicles talking with frank!
Proud to be repairing a lot relationships in 2011,just going to continue down the positive path of trying to awaken the giant slayer inside in you & I
Thank God this day bout done
Feel sorry for my boys in the salina Hip hop scene but I got the scoop. Shame it has 2 come 2 a slash an burn strategy
Feel sorry for my boys in the salina Hip hop scene but I got the scoop. Shame it has 2 come 2 a slash an burn strategy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good lord gotta love LIVE entertainment and bookers in Salina Kansas...Holy S another big bunch of news!
Thought it was gonna be a boring Wednesday but nope a ton of crap I thinking bout to go down
I am not a fan of BIG BOY but this is damn funny
Gr8 Day so far, Hope everyone is having a Terrific Wednesday!
spim THE wheel of Fish

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Was real excited about going into 2011...but now, not so much...LOL Thanks to our Pal Dante for helping us get it in With Smoov Boss from the Cypher Show Ep#3.
Oh crap Facebook went and changed some crap again...LOVELY!
Wished unsigned musicians thought I supported the scene.
Who knows what's up now with this Wichita thing, I thought i had something & Now who knows? I am so damn confused by the radio biz ha ha
watching saved by The bell
I know they say don't give up on the dream. I am almost about to...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gotta be kidding me HBK goes into the Hall of Fame in WWE before Owen Hart, Rick Rude,Macho Man, Warrior,Sting,etc. glad Koko B went in 1st...LOL WWE is such a JOKE!
I hate entertainment tonight
Just saw the mug shot of the clown that shot the Congress women. (Cash Hollistah Voice ) can we get conviction now?
Wish this nxt step would become clearer
Snowed in, Missed the gym today but we gonna get it n this wk w/ Taproot. Videos coming today frm this weekend. Hope yu all having a gd day!
Good show today, Jessica Lewis & Wes did a HELL of a job. Sean from BTBS GR8 talk w/ a cool guy. Nxt week BIG show planned. Gym time tomm!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jessica Lewis LIVE on Acoustic NOW at NOW!
Right now Vito formerly of WWE/WCW/ECW on the phone at
Due to some "issues" we will be Streaming the audio at but Video will be on delay, So NO Livestream today. We do apologize
so ready 4 the nxt phase of my life 2 begin, I am like a kid on Christmas Am. Running dwn the stairs bt the bottom never seems 2 be n sight.
Aulstate & True Grit did a hell of a job, and I loved how SC break it in, and dealt with the 1 hater in JC, CLASSIC...LEARN from this dude. Saw some gd friends and ICT folks, we gonna get it in!
True grit ans Aulstate. Wow dueling it in jc

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sa Crunkk vs aulstate in Superbowl of Hip hop
I just saw a Group called aulstate now that is a show. Holy smoke's
true grid
I just got word wacka flocka coming to ks for a show.
Off to junction city to cover the mode
I am missing the avns n vegas This weekend I am gonna be there nxt year & mr Olympia in Sept Mark it down
Wow after today I can not wait for the expansion
Wow after today I can not wait for the expansion
Off and running to the Ict
Off To the ict for Cypher show at naked City gallery in Wichita. Hopefully we see ya all there.
CRAZY Saturday continues, I guess we off to The ICT after all, JC is NOW up in the air...Did i mention, We love it?
loving it
Can't wait to make the move so I can wrk even harder & still not a social life lol
Someone sent me a link 2 a site called Oh boy, 1 of my old pals is on there! OMG! Love these sites Lord we love it out here

Friday, January 7, 2011

Love it when I PING or Tweet my Peeps always IM/TXT/Call/etc. Thanks it means alot to me to have you folks out here w/ me, havin my back!
I guess if I did not getting The haters I ain't doing it right lol
New year same ol hate for jiggyjaguar Lolo we love it
Starting to think the whole impending expansion not gp as planned lol
4 those of u wanting or can, Please record me a drop & send it 2{Whatever you wanna say, just include Jiggy Jaguar in it.} Can be funny/insulting/whatever...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anybody remember Cagney & Lacey ?
Big stuff coming up,my team and I doin big stuff I love listening to guys gettng PAID to do what I love..WOW, what a FRICK! give me your spot,then
Listening to ol Dick Clark from this past NY countdown, ABC give it up! Pull the plug on this guy, wow thats horrid to listen to...GAH!
Good LORD, I needed a Good Laugh today...thanks Double C
Just got word our local newspaper may cover the Sunday radio show, soon. Let me know if you wanna be on that show, they are gonna cover.
I am guessing I need to wear a bullet prove vest to Cypher show Saturday

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 Tj Walker{Media expert} talking about the ESPN situation last week. Professional wrestling Superstar & speaker Vito formerly of WCW/WWF/ECw/TNA
Dean Koontz returns to the radio show w/ What the Night knows,
KEEP HOPE ALIVE IN THE ICT! We also are working on some BIG things coming in a few weeks. Can not wait 2 tell all of ya about it. BIG STUFF! Vidz being uploaded. BIG STUFF COMING SOON!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today is the day that KC gets it's butt whooped N some ol Football by a Silver&Black attack of dem RAIDERS!{Come on KC fan, let me have it}

Post title

Saturday, January 1, 2011

GOOD Radio show lined up 4 Sun. + BIG WK ahead 4 us. Koontz/Baldwin interv on Mon. & GR8 HG 1/2 Hrs Wed. Cypher Show on Sat + HUGE sat show. Plus i am hoping to have something to report on the BIGGER than BIG dealy bob ting...LOL
The E-Man kickin ass and taking names and getting it in on Jiggy Jag TV
We chatted with my boy MR SC bout his new dance & being a SUPERHERO!..Check it out
Just saw ken shamrocks book in the bargain bin at 3 bucks
Happy New Year to everyone! So what did you do to bring in the New Year? + who's got those NY resolutions?
Watch "LIVE from my Android phone":
is thag bruce dad
it's like watching vh1 where they do i love the 80s